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Cost-Effective Tire Shredder

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    Tire Shredding Machine/Tyre Crusher/Tyre Shredder/Tire Crushing Machine

Because waste tyres are very cheap, many people now make huge profits through old tyres, such as pyrolysis of tyres to obtain fuel oil, chopping and grinding tyres into rubber powder, making tyres into various rubber products, and so on. This series of business activities can make people get huge profits from cheap waste tyres. However, due to the large size of tyres, it is generally necessary to first crush and then process.

As a manufacturer of China’s advanced intelligent solid waste crushing equipment, Beston Group is committed to developing and manufacturing various tyre crushers, and customizing reasonable tyre crushing equipment for customers’needs.

Tyre shredder ( also called tyre crusher, tire shredder, tire shredding machine)  is used to crush the whole tyre (the size of the tyre is smaller than 1200 mm) into rubber pieces of 50mm*50mm at normal temperature. The tire shredding machine for sale mainly includes these devices: tire hoist, power system, shredding steels, screening unit, etc.

Tire Shredding Machine Features:

* Compact structure, advanced technology.

* Low power consumption, high efficiency.

* Folio structure of crushing chamber, easy maintenance.

* Hard alloy-steel blade, high rigidity and wear resistance.

* Blade can be used repeatedly after repairing, prolong the service life.

* The oversize tyre should be cut before crushing.

* Steel wire grid structure of circle mesh screen makes the qualified rubber discharge evenly.

Why Choose Tire Shredder from Beston?

1: We work directly with you to build systems that address your needs and goals.

2: 8 overseas offices. More convenient to provide technical services for you.

3: More than 60 after-sales engineers guarantee after-sales service at any time

4: We have our own specialized factory, professional manufacturing teams and advanced technology to ensure the quality of products.

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Beston is the leader in cost-effective China waste recycling systems sold globally. We manufactures and supplies high-quality waste recycling plant(such as tyre shredding machine, tyre pyrolysis plant, plastic shredder, etc.), which has the features of safety, energy saving and environmental protection, at the most affordable price in the industry.

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