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ABS/PP/PET/PVC Plastic Shredder

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    1 year

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    Waste rubber/plastic bottle/life garbage

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    Waste tire/tubber/metal/paper recycling

Beston plastic shredder is a multi-functional shredder with three common structures: single shaft, double shaft and four shaft. Beston Plastic Shredder is a product developed according to the market demand, which can realize the crushing in the early stage of waste recycling and volume reduction of solid waste.

Application of Beston Plastic Shredding Machine

The crushed plastic can be used as raw materials to obtain fuel oil and carbon black through beston’s pyrolysis equipment.

the fuel oil obtained by pyrolysis plastic is more valuable than the complete plastic.

How The Plastic Shredder Works

Firstly,the material enters the inside of the shredder box (the box body is equipped with the shredder blade)through the feeding system. 

Secondly, the pushing box will push the material to the vicinity of the blade. Thirdly the material is shredded to smaller material by tearing, squeezing, shearing, etc.
Finally,small pieces of material are discharged from the screen holes.

Features and Benefits of Beston Plastic Shredders

* Compact structure, advanced technology.

* Low energy consumption, which can save more cost.

* Quality assurance can satisfy continuous production.

* Operators and machine are separated when working, easy and safe operation.

* Lower cost maintenance. Machine is widely used and can be matched with all kinds of waste recycling line.

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